6 Little Known Food Travel Destinations

Forget France, Italy, and Ireland! If you’re into food tourism, some of what’s best are available in other, little known destinations. In this post, we highlight some 5 little-known food travel destinations that are definitely worth a visit.

1.      Croatia

Perched between Italy, the Ottoman Empire (former), and central Europe, Croatia happens to be one of the most under-recognized food travel destinations around the world. Inland, there’s a dominance of central Europeans foods, focusing on cheeses, meats, beer, noodles, and fruit spirits. At Istria, a bilingual area that stands near the border with Italy, there’s a strong case for local foods. There’s a lot of outstanding seafood, mushrooms, and olive oils that can be washed down with a variety of wines and spirits.

2.      Germany

Like England, Germany is known for stodgy food, but this is not warranted. While you may want to take a hike, or ride a bike to dispose the calories from noodles, sausages, breads, potatoes and pretzels, a lot of vegetarian options are showing on German menus. If you visit during the asparagus season, you’ll just but appreciate the country’s commitment to local foods. Slowly, Germany is emerging as a new favorite in the region, with creative new menu and dishes.

3.      Peru

Peru takes food seriously, there’s no doubt about that. Although this South American destination isn’t often recognized as one of the top food travel destinations around the world, the country has got plenty to offer. Its local ingredients include seafoods, meats, and produce. There are also tons of superfoods such as lucuma, maca, quinoa, amaranth, and others that the country just started taking notice of recently. Combine all this with a vibrant, multi-cultural population and you get a vibrant food scene.

4.      Burma

Commonly referred to as Myanmar, Burma is an Asian nation that borders Thailand, India, and China. After a prolonged period of political isolation, Burma is just recently opening up as a great food travel destination. The flavor base here is different than the popular Vietnamese and Thai, and it’s something to try especially for people who have a taste for Asian foods.

5.      Georgia

Quite unknown to food travelers, especially those from Western countries, Georgia is a burgeoning food destination. Given its size, the country is a culinary giant. You can sample cuisines with millennia of traditions that celebrate local ingredients such as eggplant, walnuts, pomegranate, kidney beans, hot peppers, and lots of cheese. There’s a lot to sample on the Georgia food scene.

6.      Switzerland

Switzerland is best known for its cheese and chocolate, and for its political neutrality. In the country’s Appenzeller region (to the Northeast), dairy lovers can try the spicy cheese created from raw cow milk. There’s also the birchermuesli, a healthy and tasty breakfast dish that’s found almost everywhere. You could also try Zurich-style minced meat, sweet potato pancakes, and dozens of other incredible dishes in Switzerland. Although Switzerland isn’t usually recognized as a top food tourism destination, the country has got a lot to offer for food travelers.